alison dewar

"One to Watch" Jazzwise Magazine, UK

"Wonderful" Randy Weston, pianist and composer, US

"She has an impressive variety and dabbles in everything from ballads to bossa nova to jazz classics" Chris Laker, London Live, Evening Standard

"If breaking through as an artist requires a huge effort of will and an iron-like determination, Alison looks all set." Peter Quinn, Jazzwise, UK

"She's totally dedicated..." Derek Nash, producer and saxophonist

"…outstanding performance…very beautiful rendition…" Paul J. Youngman, Canada

"Alison is a major talent". Gerard Irving, Solfest, N. England

"An emotional work, a jazz standard which will turn her into a future glittering star of the scene."on Natural, DJ Nova, RodonFm, Greece

"She's a name to watch out for in a plethora of lady singers on today's stages" Dick Laurie, Hot News, UK

"Sincerity, a generosity of spirit and emotional warmth are all watermarks of a Dewar performance". Phil Clark

"…perfect examples of the art that conceals the art". Chris Parker, Vortex.


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USA - New York, San Fransisco

CD of the Week (Scotland)

Radio Play


No. 1 on Web-radio (Italy)

Available in Greece and South Africa

No. 2 on Web-radio (Italy)

The Jazz Jury Radio Show (UK)

Planet Nova Rodon.Fm (Greece)

No. 4 on Planet Nova Top 20 (Greece)

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