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Vinilemania, Jazz Italia Review

Review by Fabrizio Ciccarelli

In her recording debut EP, Alison Dewar presents five of the most interesting pieces from the international music scene of jazz standard. Accompanied by instrumentalists of unquestionable calibre, she demonstrates vocal skills that are imbued with personality, marked by delicate and fluid phrasing, pleasing to the ear and beautifully pitched. All this as well as immediacy, a rounded brightness and mellow interpretation and style.

Alison manages to mould herself to the music that she performs without ever losing control, alternating continuously and successfully between tradition and innovation. Aided by the convincing arrangements from pianist Graham Harvey, of Incognito and George Benson fame, the melody's expression is elevated.

The vocalist's spontaneous execution thus gets the opportunity to shine through, ably supported by the timing of the rhythm section and the enveloping sax of Derek Nash, an artist who is both talented and capable of underscoring improvisation with a balanced sound, suitably devoid of any self-complacency.

For the rest, the interaction of the band brings out an exceptional sensitivity, revealing not only mastery of the instrument but also eclecticism in covering "evergreens" that are formally so different from each other, from the bossa nova of "O Barquinho" through the lyricism of Horace Silver's unforgettable "Peace", to "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise", one of the most intense songs from Romberg and Hammerstein and the first track on the CD - in the writer's opinion the most "composed" and structured in the strictly jazz sense.

So we wait in hope that Alison will continue to nurture her potential and will soon be back with another equally agreeable CD.

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